What’s Included in a Tour Package

Baggage transfer from one overnight destination to the next

Diverse Directions transports your luggage between each of your tour’s overnight destinations.

Baggage transfer from one overnight destination to the nextEasy to follow Route Instructions in both written and GPS formats

Spiral-bound booklet that fits into the map-holder of your handlebar bag; includes detailed, easy-to-follow directions.

GPS navigation files are provided at no additional charge for all circuit tour itineraries. These files require that you have a GPS device that meets certain minimum requirements.

Bicycle rental, if needed

High quality hybrid bikes are available for $25.00 per day (plus 6% Vermont Sales Tax) and include:

  • 21 / 24 speeds (Shimano components)
  • handlebar bag with map carrier
  • Cyclometer (on most bikes)
  • 1 water bottle cage (water bottles not included)
  • rear rack (on most bikes)
  • rear panniers, available upon request
  • air pump, tire irons, and a spare tube
  • lock
  • helmets are generally available upon request
  • bike replacement, in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure
  • For those choosing to ride with clips, you’ll need to bring your own pedals for installation onto your rental bike.
  • E-Bikes available, contingent upon availability, for $50.00 per day.
Arrangement and confirmation of your nightly accommodations

Unlike most tour companies, Diverse Directions does not limit your options to a single type or category of accommodation. You may choose any combination of accommodation types or categories, leaving you free to splurge some nights while economizing on others. For this reason, Diverse Directions does not bundle the cost of accommodations into the tour’s price, as do most tour companies. Instead, you pay each lodging provider upon checkout.

Diverse Directions secures your reservations at the overnight accommodations of your choice. See Accommodations for the complete list of options.

Maps, Sightseeing information, Pre-Departure Preparation Guide

Large scale map with your route highlighted.

Pre-Trip Preparation Guide, which provides:

  • Tips for preparing physically, mentally & spiritually for your tour.
  • Tips for packing, including a packing checklist.
  • On the road cycling tips and safety guidelines.


On-Road Reference Guide, which provides:

  • Descriptions of all Diverse Directions support services
  • Security and safety guidelines
  • Instructions for changing a flat tire
  • Pre-ride checklist and pre-ride stretches
  • Sightseeing and activities information


Personalized Daily Itinerary, which provides:

  • A summary of each day’s activities including Orientation and Shuttle details.
  • The name and cell phone number of your tour support person.
  • Instructions regarding the delivery and pick-up of your rental bikes.
  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers of each of your accommodations.
In-person Orientation and bike fitting

Your Diverse Directions Support Rep will meet you the morning of your first cycling day to conduct a brief orientation session and to answer any questions you may have.

Shuttle from your tours’s end point to your vehicle, if needed

Should your tour end without a return to you starting point, your Diverse Directions Support Rep will shuttle you and your luggage back to your vehicle.

Vehicle support in event of illness or inclement weather

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is just a phone call away. Should you experience a mechanical breakdown, you simply call your local Diverse Directions support representative for assistance. Flat tires are not covered under the support program.

While transferring baggage your Support Representative will pass you on your route, checking-in with you to answer questions, provide water bottle fill-ups, etc.

SAG support is included at no additional charge for those renting bicycles from Diverse Directions. With SAG support, should you choose not to cycle on one or more required cycling days, your Diverse Directions support representative will transport you and your bike along to your next overnight destination at no additional charge.

If you choose to cycle with your own bikes, there is a $25.00 charge per person per SAG.