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Tour Customization to Meet Your Needs

Dear Diverse Directions, I am beginning to research a bike trip for my mother, sister and I in Vermont for the Fall. We did our own trip in Europe per-Covid and rode 25 to 30 miles / day(mom on an ebike) and loved experiencing the small towns and quaint inns. I have looked at some other companies that seem to limit you to 5 days for a self-guided trip. We want to do 7 to 10 days. Can you help us? Thanks, K in Colorado

Dear K in Colorado, Thanks for sharing your experience cycling in Europe pre-Covid with your mom and sister. It was exactly the experience you described - experiencing small towns and staying at quaint inns - which prompted me to create a cycling company in Vermont which would come as close to replicating that experience as one could get stateside.

On a tour from Diverse Directions, you will ride similar daily distances (25 to 35 miles) and yes, your mom can rent an ebike from us! The cost of ebike rentals is $75 per day and the cost of renting our hybrid touring bikes is $35 per day.

Most of our tours consist of four required days of cycling. However, unlike other companies, we often work with customers to customize our standard tours to meet their specific needs, As such, we would be happy to work with you to create an itinerary lasting 7 to 10 days. Such an itinerary can include any number of overnight destinations.You can move from one overnight destination to the next as frequently as you'd like or stay in one destination for multiple nights (in such places, we will provide you with an "out and back loop to do on your layover day" or assist you in making non-cycling plans.